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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction…
Ends up being the biggest step of your career.


Why Consider Xelas Consulting?
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Superior Training

If you have a choice, why not seek the services of a consultant with world-class training and experience with some of the most progressive companies in the world?

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Over 30 years of professional experience as an executive and consultant mean your consultation process is fluid and professional.

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Measurable Change

Your money matters. So do results. I track your improvement to demonstrate a return on your investment and keep you on track.

Executive Coaching

  • Executive coaching is a confidential process that helps people quicken their growth and fulfill their potential at work.
  • You could also say it’s a working partnership between coach and client.  It’s not training, where there’s a teacher-pupil relationship.  It’s coaching.  And that means both client and coach have to work at it.
  • In action, executive coaching looks just like a conversation.  But a conversation with a difference.  A conversation that allows clients to discover, release, direct and realize their potential in pursuit of goals they care about.
  • Coaching is more about learning than teaching as it helps clients learn at a faster rate by drawing out what lies within.  Tim Gallwey, a leading figure in the coaching world, once wrote that “Performance = Potential minus Interference”.  Although he was talking about sport when he said this, it neatly sums up the challenge of executive coaching.



Thoratec Corporation
Funny or Die
Childrens Health Fund
Stanford University
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

I asked James to help me develop my ability to approach prospects and have successful results. He quickly developed an understanding of what truly motivates me and the things that I perceive to be obstacles. The simplicity of the road map that he compiled for me to confidently approach potential customers has had immediate positive effects in my sale’s results. The reality of my work landscape has forever been improved as a result of working with James.

Jesse BorghesiVP Columbia Bank

James came into my business and into my heart like a wrecking ball! But it was the the most compassionate, accurate and constructive kind of wrecking ball. He forever changed the relationships within my company and my management style. Now we're on track for our greatest quarter ever!

David LawrencePresident, Pangaea River Rafting Inc.

James worked with another consultant to provide pre-hire assessment services for our organization. His work was insightful, efficient, and highly valued. He contributed to a successful hire that has been an astounding addition to our company.

Harly NeumannVice President, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

I was privileged to have Dr. Tyson as my executive coach for 6 months. Dr. Tyson’s coaching expertise, strong business acumen, and communication skills, combined with his ability to form a strong alliance with me, allowed me to elevate my leadership potential in a short time frame. This ultimately led to a promotion and subsequent positive career move. I particularly appreciated his candor, and always felt that my personal development was his utmost priority. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to have him as a coach again.

Marie-Claude Evangelista, MBA PMP

Vice President, Payment Services

Marie-Claude Evangelista, MBA PMPVice President, Payment Services (Canada)

James is an amazing coach and mentor for anyone needing help navigating their career. I started working with James when I was facing multiple changes and challenges, in addition to fighting for a promotion I felt was overdue.

James helped me navigate the difficult conversations I needed to have with others at my organization. More importantly, James helped me change the narrative in how I spoke to myself. He helped me identify some root triggers that were promoting irrational fears and surfacing in my behaviors. He gave me the tools to address and overcome these fears, and we identified red flags and an action plan for how I can solve these on my own in the future. Since working with James, I have had measurable improvements in and outside work. My confidence has increased, I got the promotion, I was nominated for Employee of the Year, and I rarely have sleepless nights where I'm consumed by stressful thoughts, something that once was a weekly occurrence. I highly recommend James to anyone looking to remove career roadblocks and grow from the inside out.

Paige GilesDirector of Strategy, Clearlink


“Dr. Tyson has extensive leadership development experience within industry, and specializes in the identification, development, and retention of outstanding team players.”

David Socks, Frazier Healthcare Partners

My approach to executive development is grounded in comprehensive assessment of each individual’s unique combination of strengths and deficits. I take full advantage of my knowledge, skills, and abilities to help every client make measurable changes and provide an outstanding ROI. Clients tell me they value my direct, confident, yet affable interpersonal style. In addition to my academic background, I have worked in senior management as director and CEO in the healthcare industry.

For me, my ability to gain meaningful insight into personal and organizational problems is grounded in rigorous academic training. And while I have presented my research finding at national and international conferences, as well as academic journals and books, I’d like to think it hasn’t limited my pragmatism in the face of problems that demand thoughtful solutions.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University.  I currently reside in Salem, Oregon.