“Dr. Tyson has extensive leadership development experience within industry, and specializes in the identification, development, and retention of outstanding team players.  His executive coaching skills are invaluable in enhancing organizational effectiveness.”

David Socks, Frazier Healthcare Partners

How I Approach Executive Coaching and Consulting

My approach to executive coaching is grounded in comprehensive assessment of each individual’s unique combination of strengths and deficits. I take full advantage of my knowledge, skills, and abilities to help every client make measurable changes and provide an outstanding ROI and effectively manage organizational change. Clients tell me they value my direct, confident, yet affable interpersonal style. In addition to my academic background, I have worked in senior management as director and CEO in the healthcare industry.

For me, my ability to gain meaningful insight into personal and organizational problems is grounded in rigorous academic training. And while I have presented my research finding at national and international conferences, as well as academic journals and books, I’d like to think it hasn’t limited my pragmatism in the face of problems that demand thoughtful solutions.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University and have been involved in executive coaching for more than two decades.

Practice Areas:

Leadership Development

Executive Team Development

Effectively Managing the Emotional Consequences of Malpractice Claims

Mental Training for Sports

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