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What Makes Our Coaching Program So Successful?

Customized, Individualized, Communication

Because the coaching and the learning that occurs are uniquely tailored to you, the Xelas process differs for each executive, manager, or client. You and I work together to design a unique, collaborative process that will create the desired goals.

Focused, Specific, and Measurable Process

Our coaching plan identifies specific behaviors to develop. We agree on desired performance goals. Then collaborate to generate an outcome-based action plan.

Deep and Fundamental Changes in Behavior

My coaching process helps you identify important behaviors that may be affecting your professional growth. When you understand what is truly driving your behavior, you can replace ingrained, negative habits with behaviors that put true success within reach.

“Whenever I work with an organization or an individual, I always ask, ‘What’s your vision?” Without vision, it’s impossible to know if what you’re doing RIGHT NOW is moving closer to or further away from your goals.” – Dr. James Tyson

If you are considering executive coaching, it’s important to understand the process used when working with a client.  Below are two galleries and image.  The first gallery describes the Xelas Coaching Process.  The second gallery describes a more comprehensive and theoretical approach to working with an individual within the larger corporate structure. The image provides some data on the value associated with executive coaching.

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